50 million images later, these are the most viewed brands according to Brandwatch

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We searched through 50 million images online to find the top brand logos featured in them most.

Whether it’s with our use of emoji or our obsession with Instagram Stories, we’re all getting used to communicating in a world where language is increasingly visual.

Brand managers shouldn’t ignore this – especially when a large portion of a brand’s online presence comes from images with no text mention of the brand itself.

In the spirit of celebrating brands who’re smashing it in getting their logo seen online, we decided to list the top 50 we found within 50 million tweeted images.

We’ll also cover:

  • The context of the photos logos appear in

  • The brand shared most by men and women

  • The impact of influencers on brand visibility

  • The most popular logos by location, across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific

  • A breakdown of the most visual industries and the most shared logos within them

The most visual brands

The world contains brands of all sizes. They can be measured by market cap, by revenue, by number of employees, or by awareness. Here, we ranked brands by the number of times their logo appears to assess their visual power.

In the top 50, there are some of the usual suspects like Amazon and Adidas, but also some more surprising ones like Kia and Gatorade. But all of the brands making the list are at the top of their game in creating visual identities that become part of consumers’ lives.



We used Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon’s combined database of logos from some of the most successful brands in the world to find instances of those logos being shared on Twitter. The logos here are ranked according to the number of visual mentions we found of them between September 2019 and February 2018. Accompanying text was not taken into account.

Image analysis:

Our technology imitates the way the human eye processes visual content using neural networks to detect the logos, objects, scenes and action in image-based posts.

Gender analysis:

We used Brandwatch’s selection of logo queries to find the most shared logos broken down by the gender of an author.

Brandwatch uses a vast database of names to understand the gender of the person behind an account. Where the algorithm isn’t sure, it doesn’t add categorize an account as belonging to someone of a particular gender.

Influencer analysis:

We used Brandwatch’s selection of logo queries to find the most shared logos by Twitter accounts that had more than 10k followers.

Of course, there are many different definitions of what an influencer is, and the metric we used here is just one way to look at an account.


We looked at tweets from September 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019. The posts are global and not filtered by language or location.

Brand Selection:

The Brand Visibility Report analyzed 203 of the biggest brands, using our combined database. We ranked the top 50 based on the number of times the logos appear, then conducted additional analyses.

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