How Uniforms and Branded Apparel Benefits Your Brand Identity

If you look at the purpose of most brand strategies, it’s clear how effective corporate clothing is in building an identity.

To understand the importance of that brand image, we should look first at what it provides.

What is brand identity and why is it important?

In the simplest form, a brand identity is all the visual elements of a brand, as perceived by the consumer.

Visual elements include design, symbols and colors that work together to create a recognizable image.

An established brand or corporate identity becomes recognizable for consumers.

Additionally, it provides customers with trust that will, in turn, become company loyalty.

Advantages of corporate uniforms in Branding objectives

Corporate clothing can have an impact on your in-house workforce.

Providing corporate uniforms for employees will lift morale, pride and determination among the staff.

Furthermore lifting and strengthening the company that they belong to.

Implementing a company-wide corporate uniform policy will create authority, responsibility and professionalism.

Employees that display a professional attitude will provide consumers with an understanding of the brand's core values.

This will lead to consumer trust and security within the company/consumer relationship.

Staff dressed in company clothing will create an environment that operates on company values.

This will lead to a desire among employees to further business agendas, including the brand objectives.

When a workforce has pride within the firm that they work for, they have a higher tendency to spread branding material among others.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for employees to attach company websites to their social marketing profiles.

Often they will share company branding, digital images and video feeds as part of their personal identity.

From marketing departments to customer relations, team spirit leads to higher company attachment.

Increased innovation and improved willingness to succeed within company goals will occur.

Your brand image will have a faster pace of being obtained when all team members are on board.

Company uniforms design are a simple strategy to install that begins within the company’s foundation.

Corporate Uniforms Advantages in gaining a Brand Identity Among Consumers

Consumers can make a near-instant connection to a company’s corporate identity through uniforms and branded apparel.

As a company’s brand identity increases awareness, consumer relationships will become instantaneous.

Customers will connect a brand identity to a particular company through visual branding design.

By having a company uniform with the same design, consumers will recognize the employee clothes and branding.

It’s a common practice among corporations to create business clothing designed around their brand marketing material – increasing brand identity.

As a consumer and business owner, you have the same brand connections that average consumers do.

The green shirt worn by Asda employees, the blue of Apple store ‘geniuses’ or red of the Royal Mail brings to mind the attached companies.

This works with small establishments too, based on design or any other primary feature within company branding.

Connecting Corporate Uniforms to Your Company’s Brand Identity

To use corporate uniforms as a viable way to increase your corporate identity, you need to make the company uniform your own.

This can work in several ways.

Dependent on your individual company, it can be as simple as tying in your web color scheme, or you may need to use your company’s centralized theme.

This branding through work uniforms accomplishes two things.

The uniform itself establishes authority and trust.

The color scheme and inclusion of the company logo provide consumers with familiarity at each point of contact.

A type of support provided through a familiarity of already knowing the company – through interaction with employees.

Smaller companies with a local awareness will enjoy using company clothing to achieve brand identity too.


Consider for a moment, a favorite local pub.

They may not even have a website, and if they do, it may not be a primary consumer interaction point.

Additionally, it may not be workable to dress pub workers in structured uniforms.

Company branded clothing within a local bar environment can still improve brand identity.

Rather than Polo shirts or button up shirts, employees can wear T-shirts that include the name of the bar and a slogan that consumers will attach with that pub.

The shirts can even have color alterations, provided the array of colors as a central theme within the bar.

Company uniforms design, when used to build corporate identity, can be authoritative or fun.

Based on the individual company and the theme within the company, the correct use of corporate uniforms can be established.

The important point to remember is that once a theme has been created, it must remain as a centralized branding strategy.


Do you work for a company that provides corporate clothing?

How do you feel it impacts the brand identity?

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