Honoring the Department of the Army

The background

Ft. Belvoir, VA will soon be home to the National Museum of the US Army. The main building will be approximately 185,000 sq. ft. and display selections from 15,000 pieces from the Army Art Collection and 30,000 artifacts, documents and images. The vast majority of these rare and priceless artifacts have never been seen by the American people.

The request

ProLine was asked by the General Contractor on the job to create a jacket to commemorate the companies and organizations that are spearheading the project. The jacket below is the result of that effort.

How the jacket was made

The jacket back uses appliques to cover large areas that are normally completely embroidered. Our Design Expert Roger developed a technique of lightly stitching twill material in a subtle pattern that gives the appearance of full embroidery. This was applied for the background of all the flags. The result? The jacket back is very lightly stitched, making sure that the design does not over-stress the back with heavy stitching while providing a comfortable feel for the wearer. The left chest is fully embroidered with the Department of the Army.

The recipients

The jackets were presented to the US Army Generals that are leading the museum project.


We feel very honored to be asked to create a commemorative that is important to our country.

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