Top T-Shirt Moments in 2018 Pop Culture

Take a walk down Memory Lane to look back at some of 2018’s most iconic pop culture moments on a tee.

Wakanda Forever: Black Panther was one of the year’s top movies inspiring the rally cry of “Wakanda Forever” and seeing the phrase printed on countless items. There are about as many versions of the Wakanda Forever t-shirt as there are members of the Dora Milaje!

Thank U, Next: Who knew that singer Ariana Grande and SNL actor Pete Davidson would be the (brief) celebrity pairing we didn’t know we needed. When their whirlwind relationship met its inevitable end, Grande took to the airways to say, “thank u, next,” reclaiming her role as a strong, independent woman.

#metoo: The Me Too movement dominated headlines throughout the year, as a global rally against sexual harassment and sexual assault. While #metoo began in 2006, it went viral in late 2017 and in 2018 as more women and men shared their experiences.

Royal Wedding: When the ginger prince married the American actress, much of the world tuned in to the royal event. Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle made many a “normal” girl believe that she, too, could grow up to become a princess (or at least a duchess).

Miami Miracle: More recently, the Miami Dolphins beat the New England

Patriots in their home stadium, and this year it was on a trick play for the record books. The day after the big victory, creative fans launched several t-shirts celebrating the “Boise” play that sealed the win for the Dolphins.

St. Paul Spider-Raccoon: It was a story that gripped the nation – would Spider-Raccoon scale the entire 25-story Town Square office building in St. Paul? He reached the top in the middle of the night, was rescued by a local wildlife organization and released into the wild. And people bought the t-shirt to prove it.

Queer Eye Reboot: A virtual overnight success, the Queer Eye reboot on

Netflix created several catchphrases (Can you believe??), led to LOTS of tears and made Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Tan and Karamo household names. Oh, henny, the t-shirts – I can’t even!

Winter Olympics: While it seems so long ago, the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, China were actually in February. Everyone likes to show off their team and country pride for this global event, and there were many t-shirts to be found supporting the spirit of the Games.

This is Us: If you’re a bit behind on your weekly cry, aka This is Us, then you

might want to skip this section. Many viewers were heartbroken to learn that it was (SPOILER ALERT!) a Crockpot that caused the fire that led to Jack’s untimely and incredibly sad death. That’s why ordering in is always your safest bet.

Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor – and first woman – in this iconic franchise launched a new look that makes it easy for fans to show off their support for Jodie Whittaker and the series as it evolves. Inspired by a variety of past actors in the Who Universe and beyond, the simple striped t-shirt says so much without saying a word at all!

It’s been a fun ride and we can’t wait to see what’s next for t-shirt decoration.

What are your predictions for top moments in pop culture for 2019?

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