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There’s a better way to order company apparel! Simplify ordering, distribution, and budgeting and build employee loyalty with a branded company store.

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With more than 125 years of combined experience, our embroidery team is second to none.

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Promote your business or event with custom heat pressed and screen-printed t-shirts, caps and much more!

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ProLine offers thousands of reasonably-priced
items to promote your business or organization!

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Set your team apart with great looking embroidered apparel

If your embroidery doesn’t look as good as you feel it should, we can help! Enhance your company image with beautiful apparel employees are proud to wear. Since 1992, we’ve invested in equipment, processes and people that allow us to produce visibly better quality than our competition.

Whether you just want to place an order, or need a company store, we are here to supply high quality embroidery!

US-based. Family-owned.

Work directly with your production team

When your entire team is in-house, things get done faster. At ProLine, we don’t outsource. Our production and customer success team works from our headquarters in Virginia, which means that everyone knows where your order is in the production process. Talk directly to people preparing your artwork, doing your embroidery, and maintaining your AppareLink web portal.

No more employee uniform headaches!

We create a tailored online apparel portal for your business!

Switch and add products anytime

Give and restrict access easily

Change your logo or tagline, or add new artwork

Add a new shipping location

Save orders for easy reorder

Request rush orders

Helping Comfort Systems USA stand out in quality uniforms

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

Proline’s AppareLink uniform service is very user-friendly. We have a great relationship with our account manager. When we place an order, if something doesn’t look right, she always reaches out to make sure it’s correct. Anytime we want to add a new product, our rep sends us multiple options and our chosen product is added to our private apparel store right away! ProLine staff listens to our needs and concerns. Great experience!

Manager Procurement & Logistics at a Facilities Maintenance Contractor

We’ve been using our AppareLink portal for everything from uniforms to employee awards and we love it! Ordering is very easy and the products are shipped directly to the operating location, a job site or employees home. I don’t have to wait for it to arrive at the office and then resend it to the employee. It’s been saving us a lot of time! I have 16 operating locations I’m currently responsible for and ProLine created AppareLink web portals for these locations. I am blown away that these portals are free! ProLine is doing it at a cost to themselves because they believe more in the relationship long term than in the dollars. I can’t say enough about George and the team at ProLine and I’ve been recommending them to colleagues every chance I get!

Regional Safety Director at a Maintenance Building and Service Provider



Design and production expertise to make your brand look great

Focus on serving your customers – we’ll take care of your artwork. If you’ve been ordering embroidered apparel, you know that sometimes things don’t look as good as you expect. At ProLine, it’s important to us that every employee representing your brand looks their best. That’s why we take great care to ensure that your artwork looks sharp on every product and on every color you select. We take care of everything! All you have to do is approve.

  • We adapt your logo to display well with every color you choose.
  • We let you know if we anticipate issues with producing your artwork and recommend solutions – before we begin production.
  • We supply sewouts of your logo until you approve it.

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High quality apparel and accessories from trusted brands.

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The Pro Blog- ProLine Embroidery Outfits Have Native Whaling Crew Celebrating in Style!

The Pro Blog- ProLine Embroidery Outfits Have Native Whaling Crew Celebrating in Style!

Here at Proline we love being able to share in traditions and stories through the use of clothes and apparel, one of our favorite traditions that we get to be a part of takes place in Barrow, Alaska where they participate is a tradition called Whaling. Whaling in Alaska transcends mere sustenance; it embodies a profound cultural heritage deeply ingrained in indigenous communities. Passed down through generations, this sacred tradition forms the very essence of their identity, and communal bond. We are honored to work with the Malalik Crew to provide hats, clothes and apparel for the entire village to celebrate the hard work that it takes to keep this tradition alive. Alaskan whaling crews, consisting of skilled hunters and seasoned navigators, serve as custodians of this ancient practice. Often extended family units or close-knit communities, these crews embark on daring expeditions into Arctic waters in pursuit of the revered bowhead whale. Being able to work with Malalik Crew to support and have a hand in this rich and enduring tradition, we are honored and we take immense pride in being able to support this wonderful tradition as we always eagerly anticipate a bountiful harvest. The traditions of Alaskan whaling epitomize the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the sea. As guardians of tradition, these crews navigate the Arctic waters with skill and reverence, perpetuating a heritage that serves as a testament to the enduring connection between culture and the natural world. We want to thank everyone in Barrow and Malalik Crew for allowing us to be a small part of this big mission.

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