Simplifying uniform ordering for a facilities maintenance contractor

About the Client

Client offers an experienced single-source solution for meeting the routine and mission-critical needs of federal, state, local, and other government organizations.

By combining their expert professional technicians, commercial best practices, extensive facilities knowledge, and a strong commitment to reliable responsive service, they enable their government clients to achieve consistently high-performance facilities and long-term value.


The Problem


As a facilities management contractor, Client performs a wide range of maintenance and repair tasks for commercial and government facilities. Having quality uniforms is important because it is a representation of their brand, and it is an aspect of building customer trust.


Great looking uniforms are an extension of our brand and reflect the level of care and attention to detail we provide to our customers. When our personnel walk in, our branded apparel lets our customers know who our employees are. 


Client was looking for a seamless apparel management solution to ensure that their personnel had proper uniforms to complete work on their commercial and government locations.



At ProLine Embroidery we understand that uniforms are an important aspect of our clients’ brands and having access to quality uniforms was a must for this government contractor.

We created a secure company store complete with a selection of high-quality apparel items pre-approved by the client. We ensured that the client’s logo and artwork were adapted to come out well on their chosen fabrics and colors.



AppareLink is saving us a lot of time. We have a good relationship with our local representative.  She knows what we usually purchase and if an order doesn’t look quite right, she’ll reach out to me and make sure that there isn’t an error and it is correct.

Client is enjoying their company store and have commented that it’s very user-friendly. They have over 40 sites and with AppareLink every employee can find the items that are relevant to their location and job code and put together a wish list. Managers then review and approve the wish list and turn it into an order.

Ordering uniforms is a convenient process that gives employees flexibility, enables each location to do their own shopping and saves managers time by allowing employees to add items to a wish list, while preventing unpleasant surprises, like accidental orders.

Whenever the client needs to add a new product, they simply send in a request and their ProLine Embroidery representative sends back three or four options. The chosen product is added to their company store right away.

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