Free up cash flow and reduce apparel program costs by up to 30%+ with AppareLink

Create a tailored online store and get

dedicated white glove service 

Order apparel when you need it

With AppareLink you don’t need to tie up money on uniforms that may be needed someday.

Save staff time

Empower your team to place and manage orders effortlessly-and get back to their work.

Eliminate waste and minimize cost

Accurate orders and excellent quality embroidery every time

Complete control

Forget technology headaches. There’s absolutely nothing that you have to do to maintain your apparel ordering portal.

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your apparel and promotional products?

Tired of spending endless hours selecting and designing products, taking and placing orders, managing distribution, keeping up with inventory, and handling payments? Frustrated with rigid contracts, minimum order requirements and shipping issues?


Flexible Stores

Introducing AppareLink

Your private company uniform store.

The old way of ordering uniforms is not working. You need a centralized place to order all your branded company merchandise. With AppareLink, we set up a free company store for you, so you can order only as much apparel (and promo merchandise) as you need, when you need it.

How it works

Select Products

Select the products you want in your store and send us your logo and graphics.

Format graphics

We format your logo and graphics to make sure they look good on the products you selected.

Setup store

We set up your FREE Branded AppareLink store.

Define access

Decide who in your company can access your store and place orders.


Launch your store and order apparel and promo products anytime!


No inventory required. No minimum order.

That’s right, with Proline, you won’t have to keep any inventory on hand when you order from our catalog. Free up your budget and your space. We produce all apparel orders on demand, and there are no minimum order requirements.

Save time and frustration with intuitive user interface

Login, order, and get back to work. You don’t need a degree in computer science to order apparel. We like to keep things simple for ourselves and our clients. And while AppareLink is powered by fancy technology, we have worked hard to make your portal very straightforward and user friendly, so you don’t have to spend hours figuring out your next order.


Control company store access

You decide who can place orders. You can open your company store to all employees or designate team members to manage your apparel program.

Uniforms at your fingertips

Don’t wait till the next business day to place your uniform order. Your AppareLink portal is your own private online store. Place your order anytime and we’ll start working on it as soon as we open the next day.

Outfit new team members quickly

Onboarding a new team member? Get uniforms and branded accessories within days, not weeks.

Helping American Pest Provide Quality and Diverse Apparel Options for their Employees

Replace invoice chaos with clarity

Forget 20-page uniform invoices that require a full-time employee to decipher. Get easy-to-understand invoices that show exactly what was ordered , when and by whom.

Stop paying for rental services (like laundry) that you don’t use!


No setup or maintenance fees

Free means free

No setup charges

Get started today- there’s no upfront investment.

No contracts

Place orders as you go-whenever you need them.

No monthly maintenance fees

That’s one more thing you won’t have to spend money on!

Going the extra mile… just the way we do business

We get it. In today’s world, it’s hard to believe something could be free. But we’ve been in business for over 35 years. And while we’ve served business of different sizes and in different industries, companies come to us with the same issues. We knew that if we could take the hassle out of apparel program management and provide a great service, they would keep ordering. We don’t mind doing the work upfront to process your artwork and set up your portal because we know you’re going to love it.

Tailored to you

Customize your company for free

Pick and choose what products you want to offer in your portal

Unlike other companies offering corporate apparel stores pre-stocked with every product in the catalog, with AppareLink you choose exactly which products you want to feature in your store. So every employee’s shirt is always on brand.

Not just apparel 

Add promotional products and accessories to your store to build your brand at scale.

Gain insights to make smart business decisions

Easily track your apparel spend

Monitor historical uniform use to set accurate budgets

Accurately assign expense to cost centers

Switch to AppareLink!

It’s easy! And Free!

Already working with a uniform company?
Wish you could make the switch but are reluctant to go through the pain?
With AppareLink, it’s easy. We take care of everything! Connect with one of our representatives to make the switch today!

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Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

We serve many high profile clients and it’s important that our technicians look their best and are comfortable. With AppareLink, we get a lot of apparel options to choose from for every season, so even in the summer, when our technicians are still required to wear long sleeves, they get uniforms that are branded and professional, yet comfortable and breathable.

My favorite thing about the AppareLink uniform service is the convenience of ordering the clothes through the online store that they set up for us. It takes five minutes to get an order in and the delivery is fast as well.

Executive Assistant at a Regional Pest Control Company

Apparelink program helped us save over 43% on our apparel costs and we went from spending 16 hours/week on management to spending 5.

What I love about ProLine is that it has a unified philosophy of customer service. Whether you’re talking about those who are actually doing the embroidery or those in the office, that philosophy is evident throughout that entire organization.

The product quality is excellent.  They’re very efficient in what they do, which is nice, because that keeps their prices level.

Director of Training at an International Moving Company

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