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About American Pest

Since its inception in 1925, American Pest has obtained an elite status as one of the oldest, premier family-owned pest control businesses operating in the Washington DC area. Armed with a fleet of over 400 expertly-trained pest professionals, American Pest attributes its success to the longstanding tradition of excellence in providing quality pest control solutions for the home or business. As a modern company, American Pest’s strategy utilizes skilled hiring standards, world-class training, and applied Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that are environmentally responsible.

American Pest can quickly and confidently implement the latest technological advancements and green initiatives in the pest control industry. All of our pest management programs are developed and overseen by our staff entomologists to ensure we remain abreast of the latest Integrated Pest Management practices and that our services comply with all current regulations.

The Problem

American Pest serves many high-profile government clients, as well as residential clients and businesses. Having proper uniforms is not only important to their brand but also required contractually in many cases. Specific fabrics are also required to protect technicians from the products they may be using. Uniforms also have to be durable as technicians sometimes work in crawlspaces and attics, and fabrics can get ripped and quickly get worn down.

American Pest’s existing uniform program through a large uniform provider was rigid and costly. They were locked into a long-term contract with limited apparel options, no centralized place to order uniforms, and strict minimum order requirements that left them with a lot of extra inventory on hand. As a uniform rental service, their provider charged them anytime the uniforms they turned in for laundry service were damaged. American Pest’s Technicians have to wear long sleeve shirts year round, and limited apparel options left them no choice but to wear hot, uncomfortable button-up shirts in the summertime. The company also wanted to offer its employees fun branded apparel and accessories to get them excited about their job, but their uniform provider didn’t offer anything outside of a basic uniform.


Our employees essentially are a walking billboard and they have to wear professional apparel anytime they are out in the field. In the winter, they need jackets and hats. In the summertime, they need moisture-wicking, light fabrics that are still durable. We could not get the range of products with our current provider, and the fees we were paying to replace ripped shirts and to start each new employee were really adding up. Even if an employee left the company, we were locked into paying a monthly uniform rental fee for that employee.

Another challenge was that their past provider delivered uniforms by hand and if the delivery driver wasn’t available, a new employee may not get uniforms when they need them.


Proline Embroidery set up an AppareLink store for American Pest, complete with many long sleeve shirt options – from breathable to warm. They also filled their company store with promotional items and swag that employees love to order for themselves and their families as part of a companywide employee perks program.


We love being able to offer swag to employees. It’s something that helps them get more excited about their job and gives American Pest more unique options for their uniforms so they don’t have to be stuck wearing the same button up shirt every day.

Proline does not charge a fee to set up the company uniform portal and there are no long-term contracts.

Proline was also able to work with American Pest on pricing to come up with products that offered great pricing options on bulk orders.


Proline made sure we were getting the best price on our uniforms!


American Pest is now able to order any number of uniforms – anytime, and have them mailed straight to their office. No waiting for delivery drivers or chasing down uniforms. Putting in an order takes just a few minutes and can be done from any device. The company is enjoying freedom from long-term contracts and management fees. 

Whenever American Pest places an order and the item is out of stock, ProLine team member immediately lets them know what is out of stock and suggests a replacement. 

When American Pest wants to add a new item to the store, they can easily just call or email Proline and Proline adds the item by the next day. 


We serve many high profile clients and it’s important that our technicians look their best and are comfortable. With AppareLink, we get a lot of apparel options to choose from for every season, so even in the summer, when our technicians are still required to wear long sleeves, they get uniforms that are branded and professional, yet comfortable and breathable. My favorite thing about the AppareLink uniform service is the convenience of ordering the clothes through the online store that they set up for us. It takes five minutes to get an order in and the delivery is fast as well.

Joleen Matthews, Executive Assistant, American Pest

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