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Headquartered in Springfield, VA, ProLine has been offering apparel management solutions, corporate apparel and branded promotional products to companies all across America since 1992. Your brand is important and your business deserves beautiful, high quality company apparel and a seamless ordering experience. With ProLine’s turnkey solution, AppareLink, it’s easy to set up your own company store, filled with approved branded apparel, accessories and promo products.

Nearly 40 years of expertise in branded apparel and promo products

Experience matters. When you do something for as long as we have, you know what works. We understand the challenges of managing company apparel programs – from ordering for multiple departments and locations and getting the right quantities and sizes, to making sure your artwork looks good, to distributing to the right team members. We understand your needs and can spot potential issues before they become disasters.


We simplify the work for you and do everything in our power to make the process completely hassle-free:

  • Like making sure the new tagline your marketing department came up with is reflected on your artwork.

  • Like verifying the sizes you need on your next order because we know you’ve been hiring.

  • Like checking in before we start production when your order looks unusual.


Branded apparel is an integral part of your brand

Branded apparel, accessories, and promo products make your company recognizable and memorable and foster employee and customer loyalty. We make sure each product you order is the highest quality and looks its best, so your brand presentation is consistent and your team’s image reflects your corporate standards.


Ordering employee apparel should not be a full-time job

You shouldn’t be stuck spending endless hours selecting and designing products, taking and placing orders, playing courier, managing inventory, and dealing with invoices. We wanted you to have a better way to manage your company apparel program. So we created one!


You have the right to choose

You shouldn’t be stuck in a contract with your uniform company. That’s why, at ProLine, there are no contracts, no maintenance fees, and no cancellation penalties with our corporate apparel solutions. Pay only for what you order!

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