A company uniform store online is a great solution for managing branded merchandise, whether it is an online uniform program, embroidered golf shirts, promotional products, or a combination of these items. An online company store will allow an employer to limit product selections and color options to those pre-approved combinations that complement the company brand. Any employer can now offer the simplicity and convenience of an online employee uniform store with AppareLink online ordering portal.

1) Streamline your apparel program
Streamline your apparel program with a company store. You can take care of all your apparel and swag needs in one place. Your own private company uniform portal. With a company uniform store, you will be able to simplify your ordering process, choose how you distribute your orders, get better control of your budget, and build employee loyalty with a branded company store.

2) Keep your uniforms and swag on brand
Online apparel stores can take your logo and colors and create an inviting uniform and your personal online company store. You may have to pay a fee in order to get your logo digitized but you can be assured that the logo will look great! You have complete control over how the uniform will look. You will choose where the logo is placed, what colors are used, whether the uniform is a t-shirt vs. polo, and what materials are used. You can have confidence that all of your employees will be wearing uniforms that are approved by you. Employees will have easy access to an attractive selection of both corporate apparel and office wear that they need to complete their daily routine. A company store will enable you to provide your employees with their day-to-day needs while still remaining loyal to your brand colors and look since your online store is an extension of your website.

3) Keep track of your reports using your online store
A company store is the easiest way to track your apparel spend. Monitor historical uniform use to set accurate budgets and get easy-to-understand invoices. Manage employee uniform program with an online company store, and know that you’re investing in your employees and company when you check your apparel reports.

4) Order employee uniforms seamlessly 24/7
Save time and frustration with an intuitive user interface with your own private company store portal. Employees can order uniforms through the company store website, schedule deliveries, and order promo products whenever they want. Or you can change who has access to the company store and only have a few people order. Whatever you decide, an online uniform store makes it easier to order, find products, or order for multiple different branches of your company. From employee apparel to promotional products and footwear, AppareLink has everything your company needs!

5) Free setup of your online company store
With AppareLink there are no setup charges for your company apparel store. You don’t have to put in any upfront investments. AppareLink doesn’t make you sign a contract for minimun orders or how many times you can order in a timeframe. You also won’t have to worry about paying monthly maintenance fees for your company uniform store. AppareLink makes it easy to maintain your employee apparel program so you can focus on your business instead of constantly worrying about your uniform programs. We’ll take care of the details. Contact AppareLink today and see what we can do for you!