Thursday, March 8th marks International Women’s Day; a day dedicated to working towards gender equality. IWD has technically been observed since the 1900s (In 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding better working conditions and the right to vote), and now, 110 years later, the day has never been more relevant.

So what are you doing to honor International Women’s Day? Perhaps your marching with your closest friends in your hometown. Maybe you’re brunching with your girlfriends or engaging in the #PRESSFORPROGRESS initiative. Perhaps you’ve done research, chosen an organization (Times Up?) and decided to donate a couple of bucks.

We’ve gathered our favorite products that brands like Old Navy, SoulCycle, and Alison Lou have created just for IWD. Entire or partial proceeds of each product go to organizations like Everytown, Planned Parenthood, and Times Up. We’ll be updating the list throughout the month (because why just have one day), so keep looking out and shop for a cause.

Old Navy



Cynthia Rowley

Soul Cycle

Alison Lou X Liana

Source: InStyle